Gone to U.S.A.


It happened in the evening.

I am left on a sidewalk in Korea

Swaddled in the shame of my beginnings.

The smell of rotten eggs lingers heavy in the air like a lifetime of regrets.

A woman looks down at me and says, annyeong, you beautiful baby

I make no sound.

She lifts me into her arms

And carries me towards grace.


It happened in the daytime.

Exported like a shiny new cell phone

I arrive a daughter in a new country

The model adoptee-grateful and lucky

The other shadowed among your whiteness.

A woman cradles me in her arms and whispers, welcome home.


It happened slowly over time

The grief unearthing from somewhere deep like worms crawling out from the dirt.

I wonder what my birth mother said to me as she held me for the last time.

Did she say I love you, I’m sorry…

Maybe she doesn’t remember

But my body never lets me forget.


I am here.

Born into this world

Under the August moonlight

Broken and whole



And found.